30 Days Of Yoga – Wednesday Wellness Reflection

Sat Naam and Namaste, welcome to the beginning of a 30 day yoga challenge – Revisited

Today we embark on 30 days of yoga together.  A year ago I put together a 30 day yoga challenge which started April 1st, 2020, I thought it was important to repost that challenge,  today April 14th and running through the next 30 days.   I first posted this offering at the beginning of COVID, and now we find ourselves in yet another 4 week stay at home order, with so much uncertain.  I am hopeful this somehow helps you through this time.  I invite you to rejoin me for the full 30 days, as a commitment to your own self care – or pop in for a day here or there.

I love looking back at our old studio, and my families old home when we lived in town, precious memories of a chapter in my own life.  Also the first videos I ever made, yes, it’s important to laugh with ourselves, and to find the sweetness in just showing up because you know it’s important, regardless of what IT looks like.

The intention for these mini yoga videos is to help support you.  We find ourselves in the midst of a  confusing time (still a year later), and I think I can safely say, from day to day, our emotions are all over the place – this is normal and understandable given our current situation, please be gentle with yourself.  Globally, we are all affected and I think there are times we feel the collective levels of anxiety, fear, hurt, grief and sadness. We are living in a world, and a time, of so many unknowns where each of us have been affected in our day to day rhythms.

Embrace the moments where you do feel peace, where you experience the joy and miracle of life, the moments when you feel inspired at next steps in your own life, where you feel steady and filled with hope for what is on the other side.

Yoga may not be something you are leaning into right now, and if this period in the history of your life is calling for a break from your practice than you need to honour that.  You also need to honour whatever it is that is helping to hold you and bring you back to your center.

A year ago I decided to commit to 30 days of providing you with little 5 – 20 minute practices, my personal commitment is what’s kept me okay during this time.  The practices I offer you here area all accessible yoga, movement, focused postures, pranayama and meditations – each chosen to help to build your resilience, to help ground you, bring you back to your center, nurture your nervous system, and to support you to invite daily movement into your body, and to remind you you’re not alone.  This yoga challenge is my way of extending my support out to you in your homes during this time of social distancing and self isolation.

Please join me for the next 30 days (or every couple of days), I’m going to be practicing right alongside you, revisiting this support, made a year ago.

These videos were created April – 2020: (Please be kind, this were my FIRST ever yoga videos, all these videos were recorded at our old place in Almonte, in the forest and in the old studio space.  As I too dive into this 30 day commitment, I am in awe as my sons look so young – amazing so much change in a year and all the places those changes are reflected)

View Day One Here

View Day Two Here

View Day Three Here

View Day Four Here

View Day Five Here

View Day Six Here

View Day Seven Here

View Day Eight Here

View Day Nine Here

View Day Ten Here

View Day Eleven Here

View Day Twelve Here

View Day Thirteen Here

View Day Fourteen Here

View Day Fifteen Here

View Day Sixteen Here

View Day Seventeen Here

View Day Eighteen Here

View Day Nineteen Here

View Day Twenty Here

View Day Twenty One Here

View Day Twenty Two Here

View Day Twenty Three Here

View Day Twenty Four Here

View Day Twenty Five Here

View Day Twenty Six Here

View Day Twenty Seven Here

View Day Twenty Eight Here

View Day Twenty Nine Here

View Day Thirty Here

There are many health and wellness guardians here in Almonte (and all over the globe for that matter), I am so grateful for the work everyone is doing to help support one another.  Taking this time to really accept all the changes and Keep moving forward.

As a result of all the changes this pandemic has brought, including our Heritage Court doors closing and our collective of teachers doing what they needed to personally to do move through this time, Surya Daya  has definitely seen some transitions.  I’m now offering an online yoga studio, video subscriptions, a hub for my upcoming breast health offerings, a supportive blog, personal one – on – one yoga therapy sessions, outdoor and nature based yoga,  work with hospice and Carebridge, I’ve recommitted to my massage practice, and working on a few projects – all around having my boys home.  Thank you for being on this journey with me, I am excited to see how we continue to evolve over time, and grow together as a community.

One day I dream of us finding a community space again, a healing safe hub, I keep that vision alive in my heart.

Yours in health and happiness, with so much love and gratitude,


If you’d like to practice with me I teach weekly live online zoom classes , and as an additional support for you to practice on your own schedule I’ve created a video library and a monthly video subscription

Don’t ever hesitate to reach out, my support is here holding you in my heart.

Saturday morning session for vitality!

“Over time the lessons we’ve learned, the knowledge we’ve gained and assimilated through practice and reflection become a part of who we are.  We use the deeper self knowledge, loving inner connection, and the ability to listen and trust ourselves to respond to our ever-changing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.  This is how practice evolves and deepens over time, resulting in ever more expansive ways of being with ourselves and in the world.”

Barrie Risman

Good morning, Sat Naam and Namaste all of you amazing humans!!

As I dive into the world of trauma informed yoga this weekend with Kathleen Burr, I wanted to send you a practice video for our Saturday morning class today.  It makes my heart happy that we can practice together in this way.

When I recorded the class, I imagined each of you from my regular Saturday morning community class with me, in my living room!  Adapting to this new way of holding space for one another, and feeling incredibly grateful to be on this journey with YOU!

When we come together in person or through these online classes, it’s really important to take a moment to connect with the community energy and draw strength from the collective of people practicing with you.   You can do this simply by taking a few deep breaths and imagining a circle of people – a circle of which you are a part of.  Breathe that image right into your heart, and notice the feelings that arise.

Today we’ll be moving through a very accessible kriya, for balancing your glandular system and bringing health and vitality to your whole body.  This specific sequence of postures is designed to keep your spine, organs, and nervous system strong and healthy.

To join me for this practice click here

This is a kundalini based practice, although  when I approach my mat, holding space for you,  I am finding as time passes and we continuously evolve so does the way I hold that space.  I have so much respect, gratitude and reverence for these ancient teachings (over 5000 years old) and a deep respect for all of my teachers.   When I approach this practice my intention is to honour and integrate the continual changes of a lifetime; encouraging you to always check in with yourself first, live and move with integrity in alignment with your own moral compass, embody your practice in a way that celebrates you and your unique needs in every breath, every posture, and in every moment.

Even if you’re not one of our regular students that come together on Saturday mornings, I do hope you’ll join us for this practice.  I have made the link downloadable, so if this session resonates for you, you can revisit it anytime you’d like.

I’m holding you in my heart, and I will be back offering a live online class next Saturday, I hope to see you then.

I’m also including Lindsey’s class from earlier this week here, as I know we had a few technical difficulties as we navigate this steep learning curve, and we wanted to make sure you had access to the class if it would resonate for you to practice with Lindsey, she’s really pretty amazing.

As a little extra bonus, I’m including a very short and sweet little breath meditation, which you can access by clicking here

When you hear the wind blowing, imagine it’s taking with it any stress, any tension, and any distracting thoughts.  The wind is our friend, and it makes itself very known in this little video, making space for health and healing.

Take care of yourself, and I’m so excited to share the information and the wisdom of this weekend with you all.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Much love