Day 8 Yoga Support with Amber

Yogic greetings to you from my heart to yours!

Day 8, we are entering week 2!  Finding peace and solace, and perhaps new layers of ourselves in the practices.

Today I will be guiding you through a beautiful sequence of movements honoring your past, your present and all that lays ahead.  Try to invite this sequence to be a dance between your breath and your body, a moving meditation to help sustain and support you right now.

It is also an amazing combination of movements to help get your energy moving and release tension through your whole body.

Try not to get to caught up in the details of the sequence, ideally you’re moving through the postures sequenced with the breath, to help balance your body and your mind but that is not necessary.  Your body wisdom may guide you to stay in any of the 4 postures for a little bit of time taking a few breaths before moving into the next phase of the sequence, listen to that wisdom and give yourself that time for self exploration.  Once you get the hang of it, close your eyes down and really explore each phase of the sequence.

To see the practice click here

Remember our yoga mats are a wonderful place for us to explore our bodies and understand how we need to be supported – physically and emotionally.  Allow it to be your own personal little laboratory.

The perfect posture is the posture where you truly meet yourself, where your breath easefully flows and creates space in your body, where you respectfully honor your own body wisdom.

My love is with you, if you need a check in I’m here.

Till tomorrow



Gentle reminders

A gentle reminder Ashley’s Sunday morning Slow Flow class now starts at 9:00am, effective starting tomorrow morning (January 6th).  A beautiful practice to relax into your Sunday.

Please note there is also no Pilate’s class this Monday (January 7th).  Lynne’s Pilates class will be back on our schedule Monday, January 14th.

This Wednesday night (January 9th) we also start our next Wednesday night mini series (6 – 7:15pm).  Amber will be leading you through 4 weeks of mindfulness based stress management techniques, through gentle movement and relaxation practices.

We hope you are all having a wonderful first week of 2019, gently unfolding this next chapter.