This Month With Mary

This Month With Mary

A sequence with Mary for April

Please note  Mary has been sending Daily Yoga sequences for  many months since our Covid closure, and she has decided to offer you this practice for April and take some time away.  She is preparing to relocate to a new home in Almonte, and wants to focus more of her energy on her sweet new puppy Ruby, and all the details of a new move.  Please enjoy this revitalizing practice to support you through the Spring months.  

There is much wisdom in the ancient Chinese proverb- “A drop of prevention is better than a bucketload of cure.” 

We can be proactive by working on daily maintenance of the body, mind and spirit simply by moving our bodies and freeing up energy to flow through us. Just a few minutes a day can make a huge difference!

Pranayama for Purificationto stimulate the lymphatic system and to enhance the strength of the nervous system.

Sit on your left heel (or bend left leg with sole along upper inner right thigh), right leg is straight out. Stretch the right arm straight up and make a fist. Take long deep breaths and feel as though you are inhaling through the right nostril. Mentally vibrate Sat with the inhale, Nam with the exhale. Keep stretching the right up upwards.

Switch sides (left leg straight out, left arm is stretched up with hand in fist) and breathe through the left nostril. 

Postures: (1-2 minutes each)

  • Sufi Grind– easy pose, begin smooth circles of the torso around the hips in one direction, then the other.


  • Seated neck rolls– gently roll the neck in one direction, then the other.


  • Single or Double Leg Lifts– come lying on the back. Either clasp hands behind the neck or place hands under buttocks for more support. Raise one or both legs to 90 degrees on the inhale, lower on the exhale.  Upon completion, come to table top.


  • Moving Triangle (Downward dog) to sphinx or cobra– push up into triangle, exhale down and move into sphinx (forearms on mat, chest and head lift) or cobra. Continue  between these two postures.


  • Leg stretch– sit with legs out front. Bring the torso down and grab thighs, knees, shins, toes- whatever you can reach and keep hands in position.  Move up and down, inhaling up, exhaling down. 


  • Rock Pose Spinal Twist: Sit in rock pose on heels (or easy pose), interlace fingers behind the neck. Twist left and then right, inhaling left, exhaling right.


  • Cat-Cow– Come into table pose. Inhale as the belly drops and head lifts in cow, exhale as the spine arches up and head falls in cat. To end come to a neutral spine, push back into Child’s Pose and take a few breaths.


  • Side bends: Come into rock pose (or easy pose), bend at the waist from side to side. As you bend left, allow the right arm to arch over the head, stretching in the direction of the bend. Then stretch right with the left arm reaching over the head.


  • Rope Pull: Sit in rock pose (or easy pose) and reach one arm out as if grabbing onto a rope and pull it back in, then reach the other arm forward in a rapid, fluid motion. Shoulders and trunk should move in a churning motion. Chant Sa Ta Na Ma with the motion.  To end: inhale deeply and pull both arms in tight by the ribcage and squeeze. Exhale and release. Repeat 2 more times. 


  • Sufi Grind: Place hands on knees in easy pose and begin grinding the torso in a circular counter- clockwise direction only.


Meditation for Emotional Balance

Sit in easy pose (any comfortable seated position), stretch your arms straight up with palms facing, fingers are side by side but thumbs are separate. Keep your arms and palms stiff as steel, reaching high. Begin to move the arms back and forth as if you are fanning your head, 6 to 9 inches out, then back in.  Eyes are closed.  Move powerfully for a minute or two. Try to keep the arms straight. 

This posture allows the whole body to adjust itself while energizing your aura.

Come onto the back and relax completely.

I’m so grateful to each of you for all your feedback these past months. I hope you will refer back to the 50 or so sequences I’ve sent out.   Keep up!

Much love to each of you,



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