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Daily Kundalini Yoga

February is associated with Love- a time to focus on the heart and lungs, one of the most powerful centres of the body both physically and emotionally.  When our hearts are open we can more easily see our troubles as blessings. 

There is a significant strain on the heart right now which shows that we need to open and strengthen the heart centre. As adults we can be so serious about life and the world- an open heart can help us to be in the moment, help us to feel gratitude.

This week, please take a moment to reflect on this wonderful quote from Eleanor Roosevelt.

Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.

Three Minute Heart Meditation:

In a seated position, begin taking a few long deep breaths, eyes gently closed.

Place your hands over your heart chakra. Focus on an image that makes you happy- a person, a place, an object. Begin to notice a sensation of warmth, openness, love building around your heart. Let it flow through your body. Let it soothe you as your fill your body with love. 

Warm ups: 2 minutes each
  • Standing Forward Bendsbring hands to prayer pose at the heart, take a few deep breaths. Inhale and stretch arms overhead, palms stay together, adding slight backbend if available. Exhale bending from the hips towards the ground.


  • Standing Side Bends- legs are fairly close together. Bend to one side stretching the opposite arm over the head. Alternate smoothly from side to side, inhaling as you stretch, exhaling as you come up. Keep the chest square, do not let the torso bend forward or backward.


  • Torso Rolls- Hands on hips, circle the torso in both directions. Circles can be smaller at the outset, increasing in size as the spine warms up.


  • Windmills- Feet fairly wide apart, arms outstretched at shoulder level with palms down. Inhale at centre, exhale and reach left hand towards right foot, inhale back to centre, exhale as you change sides. 


  • Seated neck rolls- Come into easy pose. Begin slow, conscious neck rolls in each direction.
Postures: (2-3 minutes per)

The first two exercises work the physical heart. Feel the flow of that special heart energy into the physical heart, your heart chakra. Allow your body to relax.

Remember that  we are all going through this pandemic together and we will get through to other side! 

  • 1st Exercise

Arms out to side, palms down, fingers together. Begin to cross the arms and hands back and forth in front of the body.  Alternate the cross right on top, then left. 

Eyes are closed as though looking at tip of nose.

Inhale as you open and pull the arms back, squeezing the shoulder blades and opening the heart. Exhale and cross in front. Inhale Sat and exhale Nam- (try to hear the sound of Sat Nam in your breath). Keep it powerful!

To end: Inhale, stretch arms out front, reaching through the shoulders. Hold, exhale and rest.

  • 2nd Exercise

Extend left hand out in front,  palm is turned up with fingers to the sky- straight out from your body.

Bring right hand behind back, stretch it out, palm up as high as possible towards the sky.

Sit straight, chin in, breathe long and deep.

Follow  the breath- inhale, suspend , exhale- each breath becomes a little longer. Listen to your own heartbeat.

Try to stretch left shoulder forward, right back and create a stretch across the heart.

To end: Inhale, hold breath and stretch, right shoulder back, left forward- exhale. Repeat 3 times.

Let it go, hands on knees, sit with eyes closed.

Feel energy in the heart centre- pumping blood and magnetic energy. Our hearts carry the strongest magnetic field in the body. Allow the heart energy to calm the mind.

  • 3rd Exercise– Meditation: Hummee Hum Brum Humm

Raise arms to shoulder level, elbows are bent parallel to ground, fingertips touch to start in front of body, palms face down.

Chanting Hummee Hum–  pull the arms back to create stretch in heart- as though bringing shoulder blades to touch. 

Keep elbows at shoulder height as you bring fingers almost to touch in front of the body as you chant Brum Humm. Continue with this back and forth pattern.

To end: Inhale deeply, pull arms back at height of shoulders, open across heart, exhale and release.

Take a few moments to relax completely on the back or in easy pose. 

Send loving kindness to all your loved ones and to yourself.

Sat Nam

Love to all,


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