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Hello Beautiful YOU!

Just sending some information on our online offerings, as many have reached out over the last while with a few questions, I always love hearing from our amazing community.

Thank you for your continued support of Surya Daya.  We have so much to be grateful for; those of you joining us for our online offerings – it is such a gift to be able to stay connected with each of you, those of you who periodically check in with emails, those of you who came out and donated to our Interval House karma class on Christmas eve, where we managed to raise $350 for this incredibly important resource and service in our community, and to all of you generous souls who who have donated your old passes during these challenging times.

We have a few online offerings which continue as we ease into 2021.

I continue to offer a few anchors for you;

Tuesday afternoon Mindful Movement and Meditation from 2 – 3:00 pm  – We move through a mindfulness based practice of breathwork, gentle movement, and meditation.  You will be guided through some very gentle postures and somatic based movement reconnecting you with your body and encouraging easeful movement.  The meditation practice is often a seated guided practice drawing on  various mindfulness based techniques to bring you deeper into the calm oasis that lives inside of you – it is there, it just gets hidden sometimes.  We begin to understand the patterns of our mind through practice, and invite a less reactive way of being in the world.  The class ends with a few restorative postures and an extended  relaxation to help you integrate the session and deepen your relaxation.

Saturday morning Integrative Kundalini Yoga class from 9 – 10:15 am – This more energizing holistic class integrates pranayama, meditation, toning and mantra practice, asana (postures), functional stretching, and  deep relaxation.  Each class has a particular focus to support you to feel the best you can in body, mind and spirit.  Rooted in a Kundalini foundation, we integrate various other practices and lots of space to explore the movements to help to support you in evolving your own yoga.

We are also excited to offer you a new online offering. 

Margie is facilitating a 5 week  session Monday mornings from  10:00 – 11:00 am, starting  Monday, January 25th : YIN YOGA AND QI GONG.   Combining Qi Gong, Yin Yoga and energy medicine, this class hopes to help you feel more balanced, nourished and vibrant.   

The ancient practice of Qi Gong gets energy flowing in your energetic body through the meridian system.  Qi Gong practice combines gentle movements, meditation, breath practice  and gentle self massage of the ears, hands, feet and neck.   All of these self care practices encourage the harmonious flow of energy throughout the body, supporting the organ systems, the nervous system, the immune system and the emotional body.   

Yin Yoga is also a gentle practice of longer held seated or lying down yoga postures, which stretch the connective tissue that unifies the entire body.  This system is intimately intertwined with the meridian or energy system, supporting the flow of Chi through our meridian channels.  

Yogic theory tells us that we have 72, 000 energy lines flowing in our bodies. Think of these lines as rivers of Chi.  The easeful movement of this Chi is the secret to feeling energized and healthy.

This class is for all levels.  You will learn techniques that you can use everyday, and for many years to come to enhance, nourish and sustain your vital energy, the key to your health

We will keep you updated if any new classes become available.

Amber has also created a video subscription, now available in Canadian dollars (I’m so excited to announce that!!), where you recieve exclusive practices in varying lengths from 5 minutes to 20 mintues, as well recordings from all my live classes.  This project was inspired by all of you, born out of requests over the past 11 months, and I am honoured to offer you this extra support.  It is a pay what you can model with varying options, and you get practices emailed directly to your inbox Mondays – Thursdays.  White pine members also get unlimited free access to live classes, as well as a bonus weekly pranayama practice.

Contemplating this next chapter for Surya Daya and wellness support in our town, every day it becomes even more apparent that we have a responsibility to share these teachings with our community.  My priority is to deepen the way we can be of service, and to support you the best way we can in our new way of being in this world.

We need stress management practices, yoga and meditation now, more than ever.

Please know, through closed windows and from a distance, I am here holding safe space for you, and there is a group of us planting seeds.

It is important for us to continue to make our support and our yoga resources accessible and available to YOU, regardless of your present situation.  This is a time like no other where we need these tools and techniques, and the healing that happens when we dive a little deeper into our practice.

We invite you to sign up for the classes you’d like to attend in the following way.

  • To sign up for the Live Stream Class first go to our class schedule
  • Second, just click on the class (es) you’d like to attend that week (or the weeks ahead) and the system will walk you through the registration process.   It’s easy, and only requires your name and email address to reserve your spot.
  • 24 hours before the classes you have registered for,  you will receive an email with the Zoom access link and password for the class.  Click on the link to join the class via Zoom.
  • If you’re unable to attend, or find on that day you have “zoom fatigue”, no worries. We won’t use your passes for classes you haven’t physically attended or logged in for.

Payment options

We do have several different tiers of consideration for payment that we are offering.  If you are able to contribute a little, we would ask you to consider our pay what you can model – where you can simply send us an etransfer in the amount that you’re able, either class by class, or as a lump sum amount.  As I mentioned, our primary intent is to help support you right now, whatever that needs to look like with your present situation.

  • If you have an existing Class Pass in our system, we will be using those passes automatically. Once you’re registered we can better keep track of your attendance and more efficiently use your pass.


  • We have created a new Online live class option – with a drop – in fee of $9.00 to purchase click here or a 5 class live on-line pass package for $40 to purchase click here.  These new online passes can be purchased through our website or you can send an e-transfer to  These passes do not expire and are only available for use  for our online offerings.


  • If you don’t have a studio pass, no worries and no stress – remember we’re a yoga studio, the last thing we want to create for you is stress.  We have our pay what you can option  (these payments can be sent via e-transfer to or you can mail a cheque (send us an email and we’ll send you our mailing address). no amount is to small, here you get to choose.  Please just send us an email to let us know your situation.



  • 24 hours before before the classes you have registered for,  you will receive an email with the Zoom access link and password for the class.  Click on the link to join the class via Zoom.
  • You will not be prompted to make a payment in the registration process, that is done either by etransfer, sending an email if you are mailing us a cheque, or by credit card on our website
  • If you have subscribed to Amber’s video subsciption you will recieve the recordings from only her live classes  24 – 48 hours following the class.  White Pine members also recieve free unlimited access to Amber’s zoom classes.

If ANY of this is confusing, then please take a deep breath and take your time reading over all this information a second time. If it is still confusing, then please give me us a call at 613-451-2891 or send me an email at

We are here to support you, through this time and beyond.  We are excited at what the future holds for all of us.  It may look different, but hopefully we are all being given this time of uncertainty to clarify what is truly important as we move forward in our lives.

Take good care, always,

With so much love, Amber

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