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Kundalini Yoga With Mary 

Welcome to 2021!

Kundalini numerology tells us that 2021 in a number 5 year, marking the beginning of a powerful global shift. A number 5 year is all about transformation, change, possibility and building momentum for personal breakthrough and growth. 

Number 5 also represents endurance, and to have endurance we need energy! We also need a strong navel point and a steady emotional centre to get us through the challenging months ahead. 

If you are just starting back to yoga after the holidays, be patient and gentle with yourself! What is important is to get on the mat!

In the words of the Bhagavad Gita, “ Yoga is the journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self.”


To build immunity- this is my go-to pranayam for the winter months. Try to practice this powerful breath every day!! (A sure way to build endurance!)

Inner Sun Breath:  

Come to a comfortable seated position. 

With left hand, the thumb holds down the ring (sun) finger and the remaining 3 fingers are straight up. Elbow bends and hand comes near shoulder, as if in a salute.

Make a fist with the right hand, index finger (Jupiter) is straight up.

With Index finger, block off Right nostril and begin Breath of Fire through the Left nostril, the sun nostril. 

With each breath move the diaphragm up and down, the navel comes in and up on the exhale. 

Keep the breath very powerful and create heat!

Standing Warm ups: Try to work up to 2 minutes

Standing Torso Rolls– begin slowly, gradually increase the range of motion. Feet can be comfortably apart, hands on hips, begin circling the body around the hips. Go in both directions.  Excellent for the liver and digestive organs.

Standing Spinal Twist– Cross hands over heart, or bring arms up to 60 with palms facing and gently twist left to right, inhaling left, exhaling right. To finish take a big inhale with hands crossed over the heart. Hold that energy in the heart centre. Exhale.

Forward Bends: Inhale and reach up, add a backbend if available, exhale and reach forward towards the ground. Try to keep the legs straight to stretch the sciatic nerve. Inhale back up and continue with full, deep breaths.

Standing Cross Crawls: Imagine you are marching like a soldier. Inhale and raise right knee and left arm together, smoothly change sides lifting left knee and right arm. Helps to balance the brain and emotions. Keep a strong, steady pace.

Kriya for Energy & Rejuvenation 

This kriya is short but powerful. It helps us to strengthen our capacity to endure. It builds stamina, courage and strength, physically, mentally and spiritually so that we can meet the current challenges  with grace and vitality.

This set is to be done  with a chair, ledge, or support to hold on to. If you have a partner, even better. Try to hold each posture for 3 minutes or more.

  1. Grab the edge of a sink, stable chair, or your partner, and walk the feet back until you are holding your body at a 45 degree slope from heels to head. You will feel a stretch in your hamstrings. Begin raising and lowering alternate heels, walking in place without lifting the toes off the ground. 

Arms and legs are fully extended and the body bends slightly in the middle. As you walk, you may lower your head; it does not have to be held up. Walk vigorously and work up a sweat. 

  1. Stand with the feet shoulder width apart and extend the arms above your head with the palms facing forward, the elbows slightly bent, and the fingers spread wide apart. 

Swing your arms from side to side, keeping the hands above shoulder level. The momentum of the arm swing will cause the hips to swing if you are doing the movement with enough force.  (Put on some great music and move!)

  1. Once again grab the edge of the sink, stable chair, or a partner. Bend at the waist with your head down between your arms. 

You will feel a stretch in your lower back and in the backs of your legs. Relax and stretch for several minutes.

Come on your back and relax for several minutes. Begin by taking a big inhale, hold and tense every muscle of the body, exhale cannon breath and let go. Repeat 3 times.

To end your practice, come back to easy pose, close down the eyes, hands comfortably in your lap.

Repeat out loud, or in a silent prayer:

Peace Begins With Me

Sat Nam – and peace to each of you.

Much love,


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