Mondays with Mary

Daily Kundalini Yoga- Week of Dec 7th

Welcome to December, often referred to as a magical month. We are entering the season of darkness, awaiting the winter solstice as a turning point when the darkness births new light.

Many find that the energy of the earth draws us inward in December allowing our Yin energy to slow things down. More than ever this year, take advantage of the chance to retreat, enjoy home, go deeper but keep up! Try to live in harmony with what is.

Maybe this is the year to create new and different rituals to fill your month with wonder and joy. It is what you make it!

I know many are watching Christmas movies like never before- a way to uplift our spirits and bring comfort and lightness into our homes.

Gentle Pranayam to start each day:
Sit quietly in easy pose, close the eyes and just connect with your breath.

Repeat to yourself:
Breathing in I calm my body
Breathing out I calm my mind
May I be balanced, May I be at peace.

Basic Warm ups:

2 minutes each (if instruction needed, refer to earlier Mondays with Mary)

Sufi rotations, Spinal Flex, Spinal Twist, Neck rolls


Come to seated position. Try to hold each posture 2 mins or more.

Stimulate Nervous System:

This is our most stressed out system of the body- this posture works armpit area, strengthens our nervous system and the heart

Left hand across heart- fingers spread wide and taut
Right hand, fingers wide and taut, arm up at 60 degrees in front of body
Long deep breathing, focus at tip of nose to keep out thoughts. Be steady.

To end: Inhale deeply- stretch right arm to maximum, hold your heart tight with left hand- Exhale fully. Repeat 2 more times.

Sit still with hands clasped in lap- eyes closed. Sit 1 min, experience a shift in energy.

Purify blood:

harnesses the energy of planet Jupiter and the sun- also purifies the blood and supports you in being a healthy person!

On both hands, curl thumb over fingers, Index (Jupiter finger) points straight up, elbows are held tight to ribs

Make tiny circles with index finger—. Focus tip of nose, 1/10 open

To end: Inhale deeply, squeeze everything as tight as you can, exhale forcefully through the mouth. Repeat 2 more times.

Sit quietly, hands in lap, hold for 1 minute and assess how you feel.

Develop Intuition:

Balances heart, lungs and 3rd eye
Clasp your hands in front of heart, focus at 3rd eye, mentally chant Wah Yantee..
Inhale and exhale deeply. Relax.

Self-Clearing Chakra Meditation/ Relaxation

Come on to your backs, close your eyes and visualize the energy around you and your energy centres, the chakras.

Begin at the bottom with the red root (grounding, balance) chakra. See it clearly in your mind and then set it spinning like a wheel.

Move from red to orange (joy, creativity)

yellow (personal power and light),

green (compassion, kindness)

blue (speaking truth with love),

indigo ( intuition)

violet (spiritual connection)

white (aura)

Next, keep them all spinning at the same time.

Then imagine a fountain of water coming in through the crown of the head, moving through each chakra, cleansing as it goes. The water flows downward into the earth.

Feel your chakras sparkling and vibrant, full of light and energy.
Gradually allow each chakra to stop spinning.

Relax into shavasana.

May the longtime sun shine upon us all!
Sat Nam.

With holiday cheer and much love,

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