Mondays with Mary

Daily Kundalini Yoga- Week of November 2nd

*Note: Mondays with Mary will change to a bi-weekly format, coming at the beginning and middle of each month. We hope you will repeat each class several times to deepen your practice. (You may also wish to look back over past weeks and pick one or two favorites to practice on alternate days)

November is a month of Acceptance, learning not to simply accept what happens but to truly enjoy everything that comes your way.

In the words of Epictetus:

Don’t seek for everything to happen as you wish it would, but rather wish that everything happens as it actually will – then your life will flow well.”


Postures: Kriya for any Unknown Disease

I want to share with you a kriya offered by Master teacher, Gurushabd.

There are only 2 exercises but they are powerful in helping us to harness sun energy to burn out any foreign bodies or viruses in the body.

When we practice this kriya, we are stimulating and balancing the glandular and immune systems, triggering antibodies to deal with any foreign material.

We change internally when we practice, and change can only begin within ourselves. Through our very presence, we can beam out hope and love, kindness and compassion rather than fear, anxiety, worry.

We can move through the pandemic as yogis!

Warm ups: Choose from the following- Sufi grind, Spinal Flex, Spinal Twist, Neck Rolls, Cat-cow, Forward Bends. (Or go back to an earlier week and pick a favorite warm up routine.) Try to spend up to 10 minutes with gentle warm ups.

Kriya: Each exercise can be done up to 11 mins. Start with 2 mins and work up.

  1. Arm Pumps in Prayer Pose: This posture connects the heart and the head and helps to restore balance.

Come to a comfortable seated position, spine is tall, chin slightly tucked.

Bring your palms together in prayer pose at the heart.

Raise your hands in prayer pose up to where the tips of your fingers would reach the 3rd eye, then lower the hands to the heart centre.

Continue pumping the arms up and down rhythmically between heart and 3rd eye.  Keep pressure on the palms.

Eyes are 1/10th open.  Try to lock your gaze at the tip of the nose.

To end:

Inhale deeply, hold the breath and squeeze and press the palms firmly, feeling pressure across the sternum. Squeeze the spine, the entire body. Exhale.

Repeat 2 more times.

Exhale, relax and place hands on knees and meditate for one minute. Feel the silence.

  1. Inner Sun Breath: Try to practice this powerful breath every day!!

Remain seated.

With left hand, the thumb holds down the ring (sun) finger and the remaining 3 fingers are straight up. Elbow bends and hand comes near shoulder, as if in a salute.

Make a fist with the right hand, index finger (Jupiter) is straight up.

With Index finger, block off Right nostril and begin Breath of Fire through the Left nostril, the sun nostril.

With each breath move the diaphragm up and down, the navel comes in and up on the exhale.

Keep the breath very powerful and create heat!

To end:

Bring the arms down, interlock the hands together, palms face inward and place hands in front of sternum, elbows aim down and back.

Inhale deeply, hold and pull. Place maximum pressure on the sternum, push the chest forward, let the arms shake you are pulling so hard! Exhale and release pressure. Repeat 2 more time. Relax and allow breath to normalize.

Relax on your back, cover up and totally let go for a few minutes.

Finish your practice with a personal prayer of gratitude and hope. Sat Nam!

With love to each of you,


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