Mondays with Mary

Daily Kundalini Yoga- Week of October 26th

Author M.J. Ryan in the book Attitudes of Gratitude talks about the importance of choosing to be grateful “in spite of” something else. We can’t wait until everything is perfect to be thankful, or we may never experience it at all! 

A wonderful way to practice gratitude is called “Dedicate this Moment”- the desire to spread the joy around. When you are enjoying something thoroughly and feeling truly grateful for it, send the positive energy of that moment to someone in need. 

M.J. Ryan says that developing the muscle of gratitude is like exercising any other. At first it may seem weird or awkward, but creating some daily practice or ritual helps build the gratitude muscle until it comes naturally.

Pranayam: For Peace of Mind

Sit in easy pose, eyes gently closed down.

Close off right nostril with right hand and take smooth equal inhales and exhales through the left nostril. 

After a minute or so, switch sides.

To end: Inhale both nostrils, hold and release. 

Postures: (1-2 minutes each)

  • Arm circles- in easy pose, make fists and begin large backward circles. Start slowly and gradually increase the pace.


  • Head turns- in easy pose, inhale and turn the head to the left, exhale and turn head to the right. To end- inhale and bring chin to chest to stretch the back of the neck. Hold for a few breaths.


  • Ego Eradicator- raise arms up into V position. Fingers are curled onto the pads of the hands, thumbs up toward sky. Focus at 3rd eye. Begin a powerful breath of fire. To end, take a deep inhale and as you hold the breath, bring the thumbs to touch overhead, exhale and sweep arms down through the aura. Allow the finger tips to touch the ground by your side, inhale deeply through the nose, exhale cannon breath with a big sigh. Repeat 3x.


  • Beat the ground- come onto the back, head on mat, raise legs to 90. Arms are by the sides, palms down. Begin to beat the ground hard and fast, using the entire length of the arm. Release anger and frustration.


  • 3 part circular leg lift- remain on back, arms by side or under buttocks for support. Begin with legs outstretched, inhale and bring knees into chest, then up to 90, exhale as legs lower to the ground. Continue the pattern.


  • Cross crawls on back- remain on back, palms down by sides. Inhale and bring left knee to chest, right arm to ground behind you (backstroke motion). Exhale down and continue with right knee and left arm. Continue in smooth strokes.


  • Cat Stretch on back- begin a diagonal stretch, bringing one bent leg across the other. Twist to the side. Repeat on the other side. Continue back and forth. Feel a stretch through the entire spine.


Relax completely on the back and allow your back body to become heavy. Totally let go.

For reflection:

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.   Seneca

Love to all,


Mary Biggs

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