Mondays with Mary

Daily Kundalini Yoga- Week of October 12th


Happy Thanksgiving!

As the saying goes, “blessed are those who count their blessings”. 

Giving thanks for everything and everyone in our lives is key to leading a life of abundance.  Abundance doesn’t mean having material wealth but rather having our basic daily needs met and being grateful for them.

As you celebrate Thanksgiving  with your loved ones, think of the famous words of Marcel Proust- 

Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”


Pranayam: Blessings Meditation- to lift us out of “not enough” behaviour

Sit in easy pose  and place the left palm over your heart centre.

Extend right arm out front parallel to the ground at shoulder height, palm facing down. (Arm can be bent a little for comfort)

Bless whatever is under your right hand as you take long deep breaths.


Postures: (1-2 minutes each)
  • Cat- cow– come into table top. Inhale and allow the belly to drop as you lift the head. Exhale and push the spine towards the ceiling into cat, head drops. Allow the movement to flow from the base of the spine to the crown with smooth, deep breaths. To end: push back into child’s pose for a few breaths.


  • Cat-cow balance: Come back into table top. Inhale and extend one arm out front and opposite leg back. Exhale down. Switch sides and continue.  Keep head level, your gaze just in front of you. To end: push back into child’s pose and take a few breaths.


  • Spinal bends: Sit on the heels (or easy pose), grasp opposite arms just above the elbows. Bend from side to side in a smooth motion. Inhale centre, exhale to each side.


  • Spinal twist: Can be done in rock pose or easy pose. Hands on shoulders, inhale and twist left, exhale and twist right. Allow your gaze to follow, looking over each shoulder to stimulate thyroid gland.


  • Standing Forward Bends: Slowly come to standing, feet comfortably apart. Inhale and stretch up towards the sky, exhale reaching forward and down. (Keep legs straight to get the best life nerve stretch). 


  • Rag doll Standing forward stretch: Remain standing, inhale and stretch up, exhale down and allow your body to hang, letting shoulders and neck totally relax into a rag doll. Keep knees bent a little.


  • Butterfly pose: Come to seated, bringing soles of the feet together with heels close to the groin. Allow the knees to gently flutter up and down to open hips.


  • Pelvic Lifts: Come onto the back with legs bent, feet flat on floor close to body. Arms are alongside the body, palms down. Inhale and press the hips up, exhale and lower the hips down. Continue with a smooth up and down movement.


  • Double or alternate leg lifts: Remain on the back, hands under buttocks to support lower back. Inhale and lift one or both legs to 90, exhale down.


Relax deeply into a peaceful shavasana. 

To end your practice, take a moment to count your Thanksgiving blessings, especially the ones we often take for granted. Feel blessed for all the people in your life and grateful for all the miracles which make up the fabric of your life. Send our gratitude, joy and peace to all beings. 

Love to all,


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