Mondays with Mary

Daily Kundalini Yoga- Week of October 5th

October is a great month to turn our thoughts to the many benefits derived from expressing gratitude- finding the good in what we have and appreciating a little more what comes our way. 

Each Monday session this month will be dedicated to the theme of Gratitude.

Here are three of my favorite books on Gratitude:

  • Attitudes of Gratitude by M.J. Ryan
  • The Gratitude Diaries by Janice Kaplan
  • Moonlight Gratitude by Emily Silva

October is also associated with virtue and kindness- great qualities to practice during these uncertain times.

Pranayam: The Gratitude Exercise

Sit in a comfortable position, hands in guyan mudra.

Inhale completely through the nose. Exhale completely through the mouth.

Inhale deeply and smoothly through the mouth. Exhale through the nose. 

Continue with this pattern. To end: sit quietly and allow gratitude to flow through your being. 

Postures: (1-2 minutes each)

  • Neck rolls- in easy pose: smooth circles in each direction breathing long and deep


  • Figure 8 neck rolls– continue neck rolls in both directions making a large figure 8


  • Arm swings: stay in easy pose. Arms extend out to the sides, swinging arms back and forth. Inhale as you swing arms back, opening the heart centre, bringing shoulder blades together, exhale as arms swing forward to where palms meet at the front. Try to keep the arms straight and the breath powerful as arms go forward and back. Charge up your aura!


  • Aura pumps: Still seated, clasp fingers and extend arms straight out front. Inhale and lift arms straight up, exhale down. Powerful breathing will clear your aura.


  • Tuck pose– on back, nose to knees: Bend knees to chest, wrap arms around them and make yourself into a ball. Bring nose towards the knees and being Breath of Fire. To end: inhale deeply, exhale down and turn head from side to side to release.


  • Wide leg stretch– come up to a seated position, spread the legs wide apart. Inhale and stretch up to centre. Exhale and stretch over one leg, bringing the hands towards the foot. Inhale back to centre, exhale to other side. Continue with smooth breaths.


  • Centre Stretch: Continue to sit with legs wide apart. Inhale up to centre, exhale and reach forward, placing hands on legs and stretching upper body towards the floor. Be gentle and don’t overstretch!


  • Frog pose: Bring heels together and point toes outward. Squat down with buttocks close to heels, arms between knees, fingers on the floor in front. Inhale and straighten legs, bringing head towards knees, exhale and return down to original position. Try to keep the heels slightly off the ground. Start with 10 and work towards a goal of 26! (Frogs are your best friend!)


  • Seated shoulder shrugs: come back into easy pose. Inhale and lift both shoulders as high as possible, exhale and lower. Continue.


Deeply relax on the back, allowing your body to integrate the postures.

Finish your practice with a long Sat Nam- send out loving kindness to your friends and loved ones:

May my loved ones be safe and protected from harm

May they be healthy, may they be happy

May they live with freedom and ease

May they love and accept themselves just as they are.

Love to all,


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