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Daily Kundalini Yoga- Week of Sept. 21st

Welcome to fall! This is the time to take full, deep breaths.  Our built-in detox system allows us to aerate the lungs on the inhale and release toxic gas on the exhale. Our lungs are the biggest organ in the body and when they are in top shape, we are full of energy. Remember that although our body can be powerful, often our breathing is not. The breath must come to the lower area of the lungs in order to oxygenate and purify the blood and energize the brain. Take full advantage of the golden September days- get outside and breathe it all in!

Pranayam: Complete Yogic Breath– smooth, continuous flow of breath. The benefit of this breath is that it will train your body to be in a consistent calmer state.

Sit in easy pose, hands on knees in guyan mudra. Relax the body.

Inhaling: Allow the belly to relax as you breathe in. Allow the ribs to open up sideways while still breathing in. Lift up the chest and collarbones and fill the area beneath and around the shoulders.

Exhaling: First, allow the air to leave the collarbone, chest and ribs. Second, when all the air seems to be out, draw the belly in, exhaling even more. 

Postures: (1-2 mins)

  • Head Turns– In easy pose, grasp hands in Venus lock a few inches in front of the chest, palms face chest. Inhale and turn head to the right, Exhale and turn head to the left.


  • Spinal Twist Version– Place hands over heart and twist left and right moving from the navel point, using shoulders like a fulcrum. Move prana through the body.


  • Seated Bends: Hands on knees. Inhale lengthen up, exhale bend towards left knee. Inhale up to centre, exhale and bend towards right knee.


  • Arm Circles– Still in easy pose. Stretch arms out to the sides, parallel to the ground. Swing the arms back in a rolling motion as if swimming. Feel the heart open, lungs expand.


  • Cat-cow– come into table top and begin a gentle cat-cow, inhale as belly drops and head comes up, exhale and arch spine into cat. 


  • Child’s pose- stretch back with arms extended on ground out front. Take a few breaths.


  • Balancing prana/apana (intake and output of energy)- Come back into table top. Inhale and extend left leg straight back and lift right arm- gaze at a fixed point to maintain balance. Exhale down, switch sides and continue in a fluid motion. Take a few breaths in child’s pose to stretch the spine.


  • Triangle- curl the toes and push up into triangle and take a few deep breaths as you pump the legs to stretch the calves. Walk hands to feet and slowly curl up one vertebra and a time to standing. Head comes up last.


  • Frog Pose– come to a squat, heels off the ground and fingertips on the ground between the knees. Head is up. Inhale, raise buttocks high, head drops, gaze towards knees, fingers stay on ground. Exhale, come down, lift head and buttocks strike the heels. Exhale should be powerful! Start with 10 and work up to 26.


Stay down and dangle like a rag doll until your breath normalizes. Then bend the knees and come down onto your back for relaxation.  


Inhale deeply through the nose and sigh out loudly through the mouth, releasing any remaining tension. Let go completely.

Finish your practice with a long Sat Nam, filling your heart with gratitude for all that you have in your life.

Thought for the week:

“Make each day both useful and pleasant – and prove that you understand the worth of time by employing it well.”

Louisa May Alcott

With love to all,


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