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Daily Kundalini Yoga- Week of September 7th

Welcome to September, a month tagged by the ancient Stoic philosophers as one of fortitude and resilience. These are qualities we need to tap into and lean on during the transition from summer to fall, from carefree days to more structured ones as school gets underway.

For years now I have started my day by reading something that inspires me, maybe a daily reflection, a thought for the day, a meditation on wisdom. Without fail, it starts the morning on a positive note and sets the tone for the day. 

Here is an example from Apollinaire:

“Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness- and just be happy.”

Pranayam: Fresh Start- to revitalize your system, refresh your spirit.

Sit in easy pose, spine is straight, wrap your arms around yourself, giving yourself a big hug. If available, slowly tilt your head back- be gentle. Close your eyes, breathe normally and repeat the mantra “ Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung”.

To end: Inhale deeply, hold the breath and squeeze every muscle of your body. Exhale, relax and enjoy the effects.

Postures: (1-2 mins.)

  • Sufi rotations– hands on knees, make slow circles in one direction, then the other to warm up the spine.


  • Spinal Flex– hands on shins. Inhale lifting chest forward, Exhale tilt pelvis back.


  • Shoulder rolls– roll shoulders in big circles in each direction. Let stress fall away.


  • Neck rolls– consciously relax neck, throat, shoulders as you circle gently.


  • Wide leg life nerve stretch– legs are wide open. Inhale and stretch up to the sky, Exhale down to left leg, Inhale back up to sky, Exhale down to right leg. Continue.
  • Cat-cow- come into table top. Inhale and let the belly drop as you look up, exhale and arch into cat pose. Initiate the movement from the base of your spine.


  • Triangle Pose (Downward dog)– curl toes and push up into triangle. Pedal the feet to stretch the calves. Take a few deep breaths. Walk feet to hands and slowly curl up to standing.


  • Windmill- feet wide apart, arms outstretched at shoulder level, palms down. Inhale at centre, exhale and reach left hand towards right foot, inhale back up to centre, exhale as you change sides. Great for digestion!


  • Airplane forward bends- inhale, raise arms overhead, lift ribcage and add a backbend if available. Exhale as you bend forward from the hips allowing the arms to swing back behind you, palms facing ceiling. Continue this movement with powerful breathing and let yourself fly!


  • Calf stretch– start with arms by your side, inhale and reach up for the sky while coming up on your tiptoes. Hold briefly. Exhale, lower arms and heels. Repeat.

Relax on your back and let yourself melt into the surface beneath you. 

To end: Reflect on the following as you send out gratitude with a long Sat Nam.

 There is no remedy for love but to love more”

Henry David Thoreau

Love to all,


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