Mondays with Mary

Daily Kundalini Yoga- Week of Aug 24th

One of my favorite books is George Kaufman’s Accidental Spirituality, a series of beautiful essays that remind us to slow down and live fully. 

To feel alive and vibrant, he urges us to create some ‘rules of the road’ to live by. Here are some of his:

“Do things that make a difference- to you and to others.

Exercise patience in performance and in results.

Random acts of kindness is not a tag line- it’s a prescription.

Get involved- stay involved. Make connections- keep connections.

Read poetry, listen to music, spend time outdoors, walk.

Don’t rush through life unless rushing will make a difference.

The heart of improvisational theatre is to make the other person a star. It works in entertainment and it works in life.”

Pranayam: To Uplift Your Spirit

Sit in easy pose, eyes focused at 3rd eye. Hands rest gently on the knees.

Inhale through the nose in 4 even sniffs until the lungs are filled. 

Exhale in one long breath.

To end: Inhale deeply and tighten every muscle as you hold. Exhale and relax.

Postures: (1-2 mins.)

  • Rock Pose with Breath of Fire: Sit on the heels. Interlace the fingers behind the neck in Venus Lock. Open the chest and heart, spreading elbows wide apart. Begin Breath of Fire (or long deep breathing).


  • Spinal Flex in Rock Pose (or Easy Pose)- Place hands on thighs. Inhale and flex spine forward, exhale and release back.


  • Seated Leg Stretch– extend legs out front. Bend one leg, placing foot against thigh. Inhale and reach up, exhale bend forward to the outstretched leg. Breathe long and deep. Switch sides.


  • Butterfly– Bring soles of feet together and clasp fingers around ankles or toes. Keep spine and head straight and gently bounce knees up and down.


  • Pelvic Lifts– Come onto the back, bend knees and place heels close to the buttocks. Inhale and lift hips up, pressing into the palms and heels, exhale and release down.


  • Single Leg Lifts– Arms by the sides, hands under hips to protect lower back, feet flexed. Inhale and lift one leg up to 90 degrees, exhale down. Inhale opposite leg up and continue.


  • Double Leg Lifts– Inhale and lift both legs up, Exhale down.


  • Bicycle– Remain on the back, hands under hips to protect lower back. Begin a bicycle motion with the legs.


  • Full body stretch- diagonal. On the back, begin by stretching one arm up above head while stretching opposite leg. Change sides. Then stretch both arms above head and both legs. Feel a full body stretch. To end, inhale and stretch every fibre of your body, exhale and release.

Stay on your back and move into relaxation. Let go and enjoy!

Finish your practice with Sat Nam.

Love to all,



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