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Daily Kundalini Yoga- week of Aug 17th

Najwa Zebian, is a Lebanese-Canadian author, speaker and educator with a passion for language and poetry.

In her book, Mind Platters, a series of short essays, she encourages us “to build a home within ourselves; to live, love and create fearlessly.” Good reminder for us all!

Here is a sample of her work to ponder:

At the end of the day, no one will walk your journey for you.

You have to do that.

At the end of the day, no one will dream for you.

You have to do that.”

Pranayam: For Peace of Mind

Feeling at peace starts with breathing deep!

Sit in easy pose, eyes gently closed. 

Close off right nostril with right index finger (or thumb). Take smooth equal breaths through the left nostril. Switch sides.

To end: Inhale deeply through both nostrils, hold and exhale. 

Postures: (1-2 mins.)

  • Standing Torso Rolls– Make circles with the hips, big or small, in each direction. Helps to warm up the spine and flushes inner organs.


  • Standing Forward Bends– Inhale reaching up and back (if available), Exhale bending gently forward. Keep legs straight to stretch the life nerve, knees soft.


  • Standing Cross Crawls– Inhale one arm up, opposite knee up, then switch sides. Imagine you are marching. This brings balance to the mind and body.


  • Cobra or Sphinx– Come onto the belly. Arms under the shoulders, stretch up into Cobra pose (or remain on forearms in Sphinx). Relax lower back and buttocks.


  • Yoga Mudra– Come sitting on the heels, bending forward towards the floor. Interlace fingers behind your back and draw the arms up behind you. Imagine you are drawing the energy up your spine. Hold and breathe deeply.


  • 4 part Arm Swings– Sit in Easy Pose. Make fists, Inhale and draw elbows back by the sides of the rib cage. Exhale and swing arms across the chest. Inhale again and draw elbows back by the sides of the rib cage. Exhale and swing arms up and back over the head. Use a powerful breath- powerful arm swings.


  • Shoulder Shrugs– Hands rest on knees. Inhale and squeeze shoulders up, exhale and release down.


  • Seated neck rolls– Circle the head gently in one direction, then reverse.


  • Meditate in Easy Pose– Sit with straight spine, place hands in your lap, focus at the 3rd eye. Gently inhale Sat, exhale Nam. Consciously expand your aura with each breath.

Keeping your relaxed state, come onto your backs for relaxation. Let go fully and allow your body to become very heavy and relaxed.

To end your practice, chant Sat Nam and feel gratitude for every part of your body temple.

Love to all,


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