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Daily Kundalini Yoga- Week of Aug 10th

Living in harmony with the seasons is one of the most important teachings of Chinese medicine- it is the founding principle of health and healing. The seasons affect us at both physical and mental levels as each season has its own vibration. Taoism tells us that the more we mirror nature, the healthier we will be. We do that by looking at what is going on around us. Summer is about relaxing, being outside, getting as much daylight as possible, soaking up the yang energy around us. The organ associated with the summer is the heart, so try to do something aerobic this week. Get active!

Pranayam/Meditation: Healthy, Happy, Whole (or Holy) Breath

Sit in easy pose, hands in guyan mudra resting on the knees. Focus is at 3rd eye.

Inhale deeply through the nose, hold the breath while pulling the chest slightly forward.

Silently repeat the mantra 3 times:

“Healthy am I, Happy am I, Whole am I”

As you exhale, repeat the mantra out loud 3 times.

To end: sit in silence. When ready, inhale deeply, stretch arms overhead with fingers interlocked and stretch the spine. Exhale and relax.

Postures: (1-2 mins.)

  • Cat-Cow: Come into table pose on hands and knees. Inhale Cow as you lift the head and tailbone and allow the belly to drop. Exhale Cat as you round the spine dropping the head and curl the tailbone. Continue moving between Cow and Cat Pose. 


  • Child’s Pose: Push back, sitting on the heels, arms extended out front along the floor and take a few breaths to release the spine. Push back and sit on heels in Rock pose (or easy pose).


  • Hugging Spinal Bend: Sitting on the heels, grasp opposite elbows, letting arms rest against the chest. Inhale centre, exhale bending to one side. Inhale back to centre, exhale bending to other side.


  • Spinal Flex: In rock pose (or easy pose), hands rest palms down on thighs. Inhale and flex spine forward, chest high, exhale back.


  • Standing Forward Bends: Shake out the legs. Inhale fully and lift arms over ahead, slight back bend if available, exhale completely, bending forward from the hips. 


  • Wide leg stretch: Come to seated position with legs wide apart, feet flexed. Inhale and reach arms up, turn torso towards left leg and exhale down towards left foot. Inhale up and repeat, exhaling down towards right foot.


  • Butterfly: Bring the soles of the feet together and clasp fingers around toes or ankles. Keep spine straight and gently bounce knees up and down.


  • Pelvic Lift: Come onto the back, bend knees and place feet close to the buttocks, palms facing down on floor beside you. Inhale and lift the hips as high as possible, exhale and lower them down. Repeat, pressing down on palms and heels with each lift.


  • Piston: Remain on the back, hands under buttocks for back support. Lift legs about 18” off the ground, flex feet and begin piston motion, one leg moves in as the other moves out, leading with the heels. Strong breath.


  • Corpse pose: Relax completely on your back. Consciously circulate  the energy from your navel point throughout the body. Continue resting in this position.


Close your practice with Sat Nam and count your blessings.

Love to all,



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