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Daily Kundalini Yoga- Week of Aug 3rd

In the book The Power of Ritual, author Casper ter Kuile says that what we do every day matters. Our habits, traditions, daily practices are important and deserve our attention. When we are mindful and fully aware of our daily activities- reading, eating, walking, we can turn everyday activities into “soulful practices” or rituals.  He suggests we take time to savour our food, notice the beauty of nature on a walk, be fully present when with others, bring intention to anything and everything you do- yoga, gardening, painting, reading, cooking.  Rituals  bring meaning to our lives.

This week, take note of all the wonderful rituals you already have in your life, then see if you can make space for some new ones. 

Pranayam: Breath for Energy

Sit in Easy pose, palms are in Prayer Pose at the heart, thumbs pressed against the sternum. Focus is at the 3rd eye.

Inhale through the nose in 4 equal parts or sniffs- exhale in 4 equal parts. On each sniff, pull in the navel point.

To end: Inhale deeply, press palms together with maximum force and hold. Exhale.

Postures: (1-2 minutes)

  • Sufi Grind: In easy pose with hands on knees, circle the torso in one direction and then reverse. Try to release any tightness in the body.


  • Seated Spinal Twist: Grasp shoulders with your fingers in front, thumbs in back. Inhale and twist the torso left, exhale and twist right. Let go of stress!


  • Seated neck rolls– slow, gentle circles in both directions


  • Tuck Pose– Lie on your back, pull knees into chest, wrapping arms around them. Lift your head bringing nose towards knees and do Breath of Fire (or long deep breathing).


  • Sit ups: Remaining on the back, legs out straight (or bent if needed), extend arms straight overhead on the floor with palms facing inward. Inhale and lifting from the chest, sit up and reach forward towards your toes. Exhale as you return to your back.  (Modification: Start in seated position, legs out front, inhale and reach up, exhale bending forward  reaching towards the feet.).  


  • Rock and Roll: Give yourself a hug. Rock gently on the spine forward and back and make your way up to standing.


  • Standing squats: Standing with legs shoulder width apart. Arms are straight out parallel to each other, palms facing in. Inhale fully. Exhale and squat down into Crow Pose keeping the arms out in front of you. Inhale and return to standing. Continue.


  • Tree Pose: Stand with feet together, hands in prayer pose at the Heart Centre. Bend the right leg and place it where you can- on left heel, calf, inner thigh (avoid knee). Stare at a fixed point to help keep your balance. Switch legs- repeat with the left leg.


  • Standing Forward Bends: Inhale reaching up and back (if available). Exhale and bend forward gently from the hips. Keep legs straight to stretch the life nerve, knees are soft. Continue with full deep breaths, using your complete lung capacity.


  • Standing neck turns: Relax shoulders, inhale and gently look over your left shoulder, exhale and look over right shoulder. Inhale as you chant Sat, exhale Nam.


Relax completely on the back. Let yourself go. Let your body become heavy and your spirit light. 

End your practice by sending out a blessing to someone in need of extra attention.

Love to all,




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