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Daily Kundalini Yoga- Week of July 27th

Silence is often referred to as the rarest commodity of our times- so rare as to be almost absent from many of our lives. When we can sit in silence we can see clearly our beliefs, our fears, our preoccupations and our dreams. We learn patience through silence. If we can sit in silence without agitation, we can do almost anything else in life with that same calmness. 

This week, find some time to experience silence, and if your space isn’t completely quiet, just listen to the little background noises and try to quiet the mind. Feel the peace that comes with a few moments of silence.

Pranayam: To Lift Your Spirits

Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine.

Extend arms straight out to the sides like big wings, palms facing the floor.

Begin to flap just your wrists and hands, increasing the speed as though you were flying through the air.

Breathe in long, deep inhales and exhales. 

To end: Inhale as you stretch the arms to touch opposite walls. Exhale and relax.

Postures: (1 to 2 minutes each)

  • Sufi Grind- In easy pose, circle the torso in one direction and then reverse, try to feel the maximum stretch at your heart level.


  • Seated Spinal Twist- grasp shoulders with your fingers in front, thumbs in back. Inhale and twist the torso left, exhale and twist right. Allow the stress to fly off your shoulders.


  • Shoulder Shrugs- inhale and lift both shoulders, hold briefly, exhale and release.


  • Seated Leg Stretch- extend legs straight out, feet together and flexed. Stretch arms above the head as you inhale, exhale and bend forward from the base of the spine towards knees, calves or feet. Continue inhaling up, exhaling down.


  • Release lower back- bring arms behind you, legs remain outstretched.  Rock side to side on hips to relax the lower back. Make your way up to standing.


  • Airplane forward bends: Standing, inhale, raise the arms straight overhead, lift the ribcage and add a backbend if available. Exhale as you bend forward from the hips, allowing the arms to swing back behind you, palms facing ceiling. Continue this movement with powerful breathing.


  • Squats: Remain standing. Interlace fingers behind your back, raising arms off the lower back if possible on the inhale. Exhale and squat down into Crow pose lowering interlaced hands to base of spine. Continue moving up and down. ( Be sure to add padding under the heels if needed to keep the feet flat. Only squat to where it is comfortable for you. Listen to your body!) When complete, come onto the stomach and rest.


  • Sphinx to Baby pose: Lie on the stomach, place palms on the floor under shoulders, inhale as you lift up ribcage and upper body, exhale as you slowly move into baby pose, sitting back on the heels with forehead on the floor, arms extended out above the head. Continue to transition slowly between the two postures.


Prepare yourself for relaxation. Lie on your back and see how deeply you can let go of any remaining tension in the body. Take 3 deep inhales through the nose, sigh it out through the mouth. Enjoy the silence of shavasana.

To end: Sit quietly in easy pose, take a few breaths, inhaling Sat, exhaling Nam. Fill yourself with light. Finish with a long Sat, short Nam. 

Love to all,




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