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Daily Kundalini Yoga- week of July 20th

The ancient teachings state that joy is our birthright, that every human is born with the capacity for joy. Author Ingrid Lee feels that joy isn’t hard to find at all. In fact it is all around us! 

We can find joy in the simplest of settings: an early sunrise, the symphony of bird calls, a steaming cup of morning coffee, a beloved pet curled up at our side, an inspiring book, a taste sensation, a cool breeze on a hot day, a favorite sweater, a firefly. The list is endless.

The only requirement is an openness to discovering all the sources of joy that surround us. Take the time to simply notice. A whole world of joy is at your fingertips! 

Pranayam: Aura Fixer- To bring prana into your aura.

Sit in easy pose, hands in prayer pose at the heart.

Inhale in 4 equal parts through the nose, silently chanting Sa Ta Na Ma.

Exhale following the same pattern.

To end: Press palms firmly together as you inhale and hold, keeping tension in the body. Exhale and release.

Warm ups:

  • Seated neck rolls-or try Figure 8 neck rolls (head makes a large figure 8 in both directions)
  • Kidney charger: legs out front, feet flexed strongly to engage legs, hands in fist extended out front, thumbs are pointed up. Inhale as you stretch forward, keeping spine straight, exhale back to your maximum. Continue moving back and forth.
  • Standing Forward Bends- legs firmly rooted, inhale arms to sky, exhale down towards ground. Continue.


  • Armpit stretch: sit in easy pose, bring hands into prayer pose at heart, then inhale and extend arms out to the sides, hands flexed with fingers pointing up. Return to prayer pose on exhale and continue, stretching armpits as you extend arms. Start slowly and then increase the speed and intensity. 


  • Spinal Twist: in easy pose, interlace fingers and bring hands above your head with the elbows as straight as possible. Twist left and right from the base of the spine. If possible, bring in breath of fire and move rapidly. Excellent for the liver.


  • Camel Ride: Sit on heels in rock pose, hands on thighs. Inhale as you flex spine forward, exhale rounding shoulders and flex back. Continue. Chin stays level to the ground and slightly tucked in.


  • Pelvic Lifts- coming onto back. Legs are bent and close to buttocks, palms down beside body. Press into hands and feet, inhale and lift hips up, exhale and lower. Continue.


  • Alternate Leg Lifts. Inhale and raise one leg to 90. Exhale down and switch. Find your rhythm. Upon completion, rock and roll on the spine and bring yourself up to easy pose.


  • Swimming- begin to imagine you are swimming. Move the arms. Extend one and then draw back in a circular motion. As one arms extends, the other draws back with the elbow along your side. Create a smooth circular swimming motion that moves the shoulders, rib cage and back muscles. To increase the challenge, try to add a powerful Breath of Fire through an open mouth in rhythm with the arm motion.


  • Close your eyes and allow the breath to normalize. Begin to focus on all the things in your daily life that bring a spark of joy. Allow them to pass by like a movie screen. When you are ready, move into relaxation on the back.


Finish your practice with a smile and a long Sat Nam!

With love always,


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