Welcoming Back Jessie Carson

Jessie Carson 002 (1)We are so excited to welcome Jessie Carson back to our teaching team. Jessie has been teaching yoga for close to 20 years, and she brings a wealth of wisdom, experience, and compassion to her teaching.  She is an amazing writer and has  facilitated writing and yoga workshops (which we hope she’ll be offering more of in the future, definitely planting seeds), as well as sessions on yoga philosophy with us in previous years.  Jessie is also on the teaching team at Prana Shanti in Ottawa, and helps to support the teacher training programs.

Along with being a yoga teacher, Jessie is a mother, a reader, a writer, and a wonderer.

She spends much of her free time walking (it’s likely you have seen her with her family and dog Charlie roaming the local streets and forests).

Her steady and clear guidance encourages practitioners to both challenge themselves and release the tension to create ease in the body and mind. Having taught since 2002, she is adept at working with students of all levels and can support practitioners in establishing and growing their practice based on the needs of their own bodies.

Jessie will be guiding you at our first Yoga Under The Oak Session, on Wednesday July 15th.  We look forward to her continued and growing involvement with our studio. Please join us to give her a warm and loving welcome, she is an amazing part of our community at Surya Daya and in Almonte on a whole.

We’re feeling very blessed.

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