Mondays with Mary

Daily Kundalini Yoga- week of July 6

Next time you are asked how you are doing, try answering “best day ever!!”

Make it your mantra. If we can still say it and mean it, our minds will hear it, others will hear it. 

Gurmukh says that what we are experiencing may well be the most transformative period we will ever live through. With transformation everything is possible! Dream big!

The Dalai Lama says that our only purpose in life is to help each other. So this week, make a point of extending a helping hand to someone. Be kind, be happy and be grateful.


Our practice this week will be a more meditative one, starting with some gentle movements to get the energy flowing.

10 of each

  • Standing torso rolls in each direction (legs a little wider than hip width apart, make circles with the low back/pelvis – much like sufi grind but standing)
  • Standing cross crawls (lift opposite arm and opposite leg, continue alternating sides)
  • Standing Forward Bends (hinging from hips, fold forward bringing hands towards the floor)
  • Frogs (from a squatting position – on toes, plant hands on the floor in front of you.  Lift hips up towards the sky on your inhale and exhale back to the squatting position – Amber did these on week 2 of her 30 day challenge)

Meditation for Happiness:

Sit in easy pose, hands in guyan mudra.

Facing front, close down eyes, focus at 3rd eye.

Take 3 inhales (equal sniffs) through the nose, each time mentally vibrating Sat Nam. Hold breath, turn head to left, pause slightly. 

Exhale through the nose in one release, mentally vibrating Wahe Guru and return head to centre.

Repeat 3 inhales while head is centre with Sat Nam, hold breath, turn head to right, pause slightly. Exhale mentally vibrating Wahe Guru and return head to centre.

Keep repeating as head starts at centre, turns left, back to centre, right etc.

Upon completion- unfold legs and give them a shake out front.

Inhale and reach arms to the sky, stretch the spine, exhale down towards feet, circle hands back up and continue like an undulating wave or a waterfall.

After 10 or so times, inhale and stretch as high as possible upward, exhale down and hold on to shins, ankles, toes- wherever is comfortable. Hold here with long deep breathing, relaxing the neck and upper back as much as possible. 

Slowly release and shake the arms vigorously. Shake everything.

Move into shavasana. Take at least 3 big inhales through the nose, then sigh it out forcefully through the mouth, releasing all tension from the body.

To end: repeat the following prayer 3 times

Loving Kindness Prayer

May I be safe and protected from harm;

May I be healthy, may I be happy;

May I live with freedom and ease;

May I love and accept myself just as I am.

Second round- substitute May I with May my Loved Ones be safe…

Third round-  May all Beings be safe…

Sat Nam

Have the best week ever!!

Love to all,


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