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Daily Kundalini Yoga- Week of June 29th

Every season has its gifts, and summer is the season to really celebrate life, to grab it by the tail!  Summer is when our yang energy cycle reaches its peak- yang is all about outwards energy and projecting positivity. 

We have a huge source of energy, will power and inner strength at our navel centre which can help us to uplift ourselves and others. We can be the lighthouse for those around us. This is the true gift of our Third Chakra and it is available to you!

Pranayam: Inner Sun Breath- to bring us from inertia to vitality!

Sit in Easy pose (or any comfortable seated position) spine is straight, eyes closed with focus at the third eye point.

Left hand is at shoulder level, left arm bent with elbow touching ribs (as if saluting), facing forward. Hold down 4th finger (surya finger) with tip of thumb.

Block off Right nostril with Right Index finger or thumb. 

Begin a steady Breath of Fire, feeling the beat at your navel point.

To end: Interlace fingers in front of Thymus (sternum/breast bone), just below throat. Inhale and try to pull fingers apart to create tension. Exhale. Repeat 3 times. Relax.

Warm ups:

  • Sufi grind in both directions
  • Shoulder Shrugs
  • Spinal Flex or Spinal Twist- your choice.

Postures: (1- 2 minutes per)

  • Alternate Leg Lifts– On back, palms by the sides, palms down or place under buttocks to support lower back. Inhale and lift one leg to 90, exhale and lower leg. Switch legs. Deep breathing.


  • Cross Crawl– On back, start with palms down by sides. Inhale and bring left knee to chest, bring right arm up towards the ceiling and over to ground behind you (backstroke motion). Exhale down and continue with right knee and left arm. Continue is smooth strokes.


  • Rock and Roll on Spine– massages the spine and moves energy up to higher centres.


  • Downward Dog/ Triangle– from tabletop, push hips up into triangle pose, intending the heels towards the ground. Start by walking the dog to stretch the calves, then hold with long deep breathing.


  • Cobra or Sphinx to Child’s Pose—start flat on stomach, hands by shoulders, lift up on forearms into Sphinx or higher into Cobra. Then push back into Child’s Pose. Continue moving between the two postures. Finish in Child’s Pose and take several long deep breaths. Slowly come up to Seated, legs out front.


  • Tapping– making slight cups with your hands, being tapping with alternate hands, every part of your being. Tap from head to toes to awaken all your energy meridians. 


  • Boat Pose- Stretch legs in front of you. Place palms on the ground behind you. Raise both legs to 60 degrees and hold (legs can be straight or bent if necessary). Being a steady Breath of Fire. Work up to 30 secs or 1 minute!


  • Boxing– Brings hand into fists at the shoulders. Inhale deeply and hold. Begin alternately punching forward as if boxing rapidly. When needed, release the breath and stop boxing.  Take another big Inhale, hold breath and box. (Box only while holding the breath). Great for stress release!


  • Neck Circles– gentle neck rolls in both directions.


Relax on the back and send gratitude to every part of your being.

To end: Reflect on the following thought from Rumi: 

When you feel like complaining, give thanks instead.”

Sat Nam.

With love and gratitude,


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