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Daily Kundalini Yoga- Week of June 22nd

When we meditate, our minds are often distracted by our monkey mind, jumping from here to there. In Buddhism, a focused mind is often pictured as an elephant: calm, steady and deliberate. This week, when coming into your stillness, perhaps you can visualize a beautiful Surya Daya elephant- a symbol of our collective strength, wisdom, memory and community.

Pranayam: To Balance your Emotions-( for whenever you feel overwhelmed.)

Come into a comfortable seated position, straight spine.

Press palms together at heart centre, thumbs against sternum.

Inhale through the nose in 4 equal parts, filling the lungs

Exhale through the nose in 4 equal parts, emptying lungs.

To end: Inhale and hold, squeezing every part of your body. Exhale, release and sense the energy moving through the body.


Postures: To Move in the Morning (1-2 mins per posture)

  • Heart Opener: Easy pose. Interlace fingers behind your neck. Pull elbows back to fully open chest and heart. Take a few long deep breaths, then move to Breath of Fire. To end, deep inhale and hold, exhale. Circulate the healing pranic energy to any part of your body in need.


  • Cat-cow: Come into table top position on hands and knees. Drop belly, inhale deeply and look up coming into Cow. Exhale and arch spine up into Cat. Initiate the movement from the base of the spine. Keep it fluid.


  • Child’s Pose– push back into child’s pose and take a few breaths. 



  • Slowly make your way up to Standing



  • Windmill: Feet fairly wide apart, arms outstretched at shoulder level palms down. Inhale at centre, exhale and reach left hand towards right foot, inhale back up to centre, exhale as you change sides. Wonderful for our digestive organs.


  • Forward Bends: Feet about shoulder width apart. Tighten core. Inhale and stretch up, adding a backbend if available, exhale and lower down. Inhale back up and continue.


  • Side Bends: Still standing erect, bring right arm up in an arc curved over the head, keeping left hand down at side. Bend gently sideways to the left. Inhale to centre. Exhale and bend right. Remember to inhale to centre each time before exhaling as you bend to each side.


  • Cobra or Sphinx pose: Come onto belly. Inhale up on forearms for Sphinx or push up into Cobra. Be mindful of the lower back. Breathe powerfully. To end: release down to floor, take a few breaths on the belly, head on arms, then push back to sit on heels.


  • Spinal Flexes: Sitting on heels (or in easy pose with hands on shins), hands on thighs. Inhale as you flex spine forward, vibrating Sat,  Exhale as you flex backward, vibrating Nam.


Take a few moments to relax fully on the back to integrate the postures.

To close: recite a Loving Kindness verse 3 times (Amber led us through this on one of the first few days of her 30 day yoga challenge) . First time beginning with “May I”, second time with “May We”, and third time with “May All Beings”.

May I be filled with loving kindness;

May I be free from suffering;

May I be happy and at peace.”

Love to all, Sat Nam, 


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