Mondays with Mary

Daily Kundalini Yoga- Week of June 15th

Go for a Gratitude walk. 

This week I encourage you to take a gratitude walk- a walk for noticing, for really being in the moment. It needs to be done in nature. You may find that almost anything can inspire gratitude- a tree, the song of a bird, a joyful dog, the warm breeze on your skin. Take time to really look and reflect on all the beauty around you. Gratitude is not just appreciation; it is part and parcel of our being here. As the Buddhists say “Gratitude is this moment.”

Pranayam: To fill the body with sun energy

Sit in easy pose, hands rest on knees palms up, hold down your ring (surya) finger with your thumb. With each long inhale allow the belly to expand and infuse your body with sun energy. Exhale slowly and repeat.

Warm ups:

10 Standing Forward Bends

10 Frogs

Postures: (1-2 minutes each)

  • Sufi Grind- circles in both directions to warm up spine


  • Neck circles- both directions- slowly and consciously


  • Right Nostril Breathing- Easy pose- block Left nostril with thumb or index finger. Begin Breath of Fire through Right nostril. To end, inhale deeply, hold the breath, exhale and relax. Meditate on a clear mind.
  • Bicycle- Come onto back. Tuck hands under buttocks to protect lower back. Begin a bicycle motion to balance the energy of the lower chakras.


  • Single or Double Leg Lifts- Raise one or both legs to 90 degrees on the Inhale, Exhale and lower. This will raise the energy from the lower chakras.


  • Knees to nose- grab onto knees, slowly lift head and breathe long and deep. To end; gently lower head to mat and turn head side to side to release. 


  • Spinal rolls- rock and roll forward and back to massage spine and distribute energy. Roll all the way up to standing.


  • Lifts: Standing, raise arms out front, palms facing down and shoulder width apart. Inhale up to tiptoes, Exhale down to flat foot. Continue. This will raise your energy to your higher centres.


Come into a comfortable resting posture and let go.

Mantra to complete your practice.

May I live this day

Compassionate of heart

Clear in word

Gracious in awareness

Courageous in thought

Generous in love.

Sat Nam to everyone!

Much love always,


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