Mondays with Mary

Daily Kundalini Yoga- Week of June 8th

It is often said that our greatest teacher is found in gratitude. When we remember to count our blessings, suddenly we see the glass as half-full rather than half-empty.  When we are awake to the wonder of simply being alive, gratitude flows.  And, when we fully appreciate the gift of each new day, we find the peace and the strength to face life’s challenges as they come. 

Our practice this week focuses on the solar plexus, your physical power centre. It brings a boost to your self-control and confidence and allows energy to flow. 

Pranayam: Breath of Fire to fire up the belly!

Easy pose, hands placed at the belly. Begin a continuous Breath of Fire (or long deep breathing if preferred).  Continue up to 2 mins.

Warm ups: 

  • Standing Torso Rolls- Make circles with the hips, big or small, in each direction to flush inner organs.


  • Standing Forward Bends- Inhale reaching up and back (if available), Exhale bend forward gently.  Keep legs straight to stretch life nerve, knees soft.


  • Standing Cross Crawls- Inhale one arm up, opposite knee up, then switch sides. Imagine you are marching. Brings balance to the body and mind.

 Postures: (1-2 mins each)

  • Pressurize navel- Easy pose, clasp hands together, push sides of thumbs into belly just below navel. Inhale deeply and hold breath a few seconds, pressing hands into belly. Exhale and hold breath out, apply pressure of hands on belly. Repeat cycle several times.


  • Sat Kriya- sit on heels and raise arms overhead, press palms together (or cross hands over heart). Pull navel in as you chant SAT, relax navel as you chant NAM. To end, inhale and squeeze entire body, exhale and sit perfectly still to sense the energy flowing through your body.


  • Front leg lift- Stretch legs out front. Place palms on ground behind you. Raise both legs to 60 degrees and begin strong Breath of Fire. (Legs can be slightly bent, or lift one at a time- modify as needed). To end, inhale deeply, hold briefly and release. Bend forward to release.


  • Punching- Bring hands into fists at the shoulders. Inhale deeply and hold the breath, punch alternately until you need to exhale. Inhale, suspend and continue punching. Feel the release of tension!


  • Shoulder Shrugs- Inhale and lift shoulders to ears, exhale and release


  • Neck Circles- slow, gentle circles in each direction.


Come onto the back for relaxation. Scan every part of the body for tension and totally release. Inhale deeply through the nose, exhale a big sigh through the mouth. Allow your body to become heavy and let go.

Close with reciting the Longtime Sun or a simple Sat Nam

Sending love till next week,



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