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Daily Kundalini Yoga- Week of June 1st

Welcome to June! Be happy! 

Always remember that we are responsible for our own happiness- it is an inside job as they say. Cultivate happiness.

The focus of our practice this week is to relax, come into a state of stillness and inner peace, allow anxieties to subside and let happiness flow in.

Pranayam: Breath to Relax the Body

Sit in easy pose, close your eyes, relax all your muscles, take a few deep breaths. Once the body is calm, the mind will follow.

Inhale to the count of 4, Suspend the breath for 4, Exhale to a count of 6.

Warm ups:

  • Sufi rotations- both directions
  • Neck rolls- both directions
  • Continuous Seated undulating forward fold- legs out front. Inhale and stretch arms up to sky, exhale as you gently fall forward towards toes- come back up and repeat as if imitating a waterfall.

Postures: 1 to 2 minutes each

  • Child’s Pose- Start sitting on heels, bend forward into child’s pose with arms outstretched in front. Long deep breaths.


  • Seated Forward Bend- sit with straight spine, legs out front. Inhale reach up to the sky, slowly bend from the hips and place hands on shins or wherever feels comfortable. Stay and breathe deeply.


  • Heart energizer- sit in easy pose, raise arms up and out to 60 degrees. Keep arms straight if possible. Cup the hands towards the sky. Close your eyes, breathe deeply. Concentrate on the energy building in your cupped hands. Energize your heart!


  • Pumping stomach- stay in Easy pose, hands relaxed in lap, eyes closed. Inhale to count of 5, Exhale to count of 5, gently pump stomach to count of 5. Repeat cycle a few times.


  • Lie on back, arms by side. Take a few deep breaths. Raise left leg to 90, relaxing the rest of the body. Long deep breaths. Renews vigor!


  • Remain on back, raise head only keeping rest of the body relaxed. Take a few breaths, then lower head. Turn head side to side to release. Bring knees to chest, rock forward and back and come to seated position.


  • Sit quietly in meditation pose. Picture yourself surrounded in protection in all directions, trust that all will unfold as it should.


Chant or repeat:

Aad Guray Nameh

Jugaad Guray Nameh

Sat Guray Nameh

Siri Guru Dayvah Nameh

Close with Sat Nam.


Love to all,


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