Mondays With Mary

Daily Kundalini Yoga- Week of May 18th

We are beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel. 

Here are a couple of quotes to ponder as we transition.

“We need to sit on the rim of the well of darkness and fish for fallen light with patience.”  Pablo Neruda, Nobel Prize winning poet 1904-1973

“I like the night, without the dark, we’d never see the stars.”

Edgar Allan Poe.  


Pranayam: Meditation: Move into Darkness to Refresh

When feeling stressed, try this form of relaxation by withdrawing into darkness or blackness. Tired eyes seek blackness to shut us off from the outer world and to force us to look inside ourselves.

This simple technique can help you enjoy the darkness.  

When seated, put the heel of your palms directly over your closed eyes.  

Block out all light, without putting too much pressure on your eyelids.  See the colour black and focus on it.  

You can use a mental image – black cats, black holes in space, the back of a dark closet.  Tell yourself that you don’t have to look at anything right now.  Let the muscles around your eyes relax – your eyelids, under your eyes, the crease between your brows, your forehead, your cheeks.

After a minute or longer, slowly lower your hands and gently open your eyes. 

Remind yourself throughout your day that at any moment you can close your eyes and escape into darkness.  

Postures: To Bring Light into Your Body (1-2 minutes per posture)

  • Aura Builder– Sit on heels or in easy pose (or modify so you are comfortable) for the following three postures. Bring arms up to 60 degrees with elbows straight, palms flat and facing each other over head. Focus on the space between the palms and feel the energy your build between the hands. Begin Breath of Fire.


  • Aura Extender- Bring arms parallel to the ground, extended out to the sides, palms pressed out with fingers pointing up (strong bend at wrists). Hold with Breath of Fire.


  • Aura Arm Swings- Bring arms out front, palms face each other about 6” apart. Inhale and swing arms back (squeeze shoulder blades), Exhale and swing arms forward. Palms don’t touch. Continue back and forth.


  • Basic Spinal Flex- From easy pose (hands on shins) or sitting on heels (hands on thighs). Inhale and flex spine forward, chest high, Exhale back.


  • Standing Knee/Toe Raises- Slowly come to standing. Feet shoulder width apart, arms out front parallel to ground, palms face down. Inhale and raise up on tiptoes, Exhale and stay on toes if possible, push seat out and come down as if sitting in a chair. Inhale up, exhale down, staying high on toes as best you can.


  • Easy pose. Sit quietly, hands in guyan mudra on knees. Close the eyes. Meditate on the calm flow of breath in and out. Visualize purifying sun energy moving slowly up the spine to the crown. Stabilize and consolidate this energy by bringing the sun to the third eye. 


  • Frogs- Start with 10 and work up to 26 each day. Come to squat. Hands on floor in front of body, balance on balls of feet, heels touch and lift. Inhale buttocks up, head towards knees. Exhale down with head coming slightly up. 

To end, hand loose like a rag doll and come up slowly to standing, head up last. Stand quietly in Mountain Pose, palms facing forward. Feel yourself rooted to the ground- feel your power and your grace.


  • Relax on Back- give yourself a full body stretch. Inhale deeply through the nose and Exhale through the mouth with a huge sigh. 3x. Relax fully and allow your body to heal and integrate.


  • Finish with a long Sat Nam.


Sending love and a big hug,



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