Monday’s with Mary

Daily Kundalini Yoga- Week of May 11th

Monday is the day of the week associated with the energy of the moon. This powerful lunar energy relates to water, intuition, emotions and the glandular system. 

The following postures work on restoring emotional balance, turning inward, helping us to go with the flow, day in and day out.

Pranayam/Meditation for Intuition and Balance ( 3 minutes)

Sit in easy pose, spine is straight. Gaze at tip of nose.

Raise right hand as if in a salute. Left hand rests on navel point. 

Breathe as slowly as possible. Meditate on your breath of life.

Postures: (1 to 2 minutes )

  • Lie on back, arms stretched behind you on floor, palms face ceiling. Raise left leg straight up to 90 degrees, right foot flexed. Begin Breath of Fire.   Release down.  Switch legs. (1 minute each side).


  • Cow Pose-  come into table top on hands and knees. Inhale and let belly drop. Eyes wide open, looking up if possible. Hold  Cow pose with Breath of Fire.


  • Cat Pose- head lowers, arch the spine and hold with long deep breathing.


  • Moving Childs pose with arms out front- Inhale as you slide forward on the mat into Sphinx (or Cobra), Exhale back into Child’s pose. Continue alternating between the 2 postures.


  • Butterfly pose- come to seated, press soles of feet together. If available, gently raise knees up and down to open hips.


  • Rock pose- come sitting on heels, palms on knees. Inhale forward into Spinal Flex, exhale and flex back.


  • Stay in Rock pose, hands are in Bear grip (right palm facing away from you, left palm facing you, fingers hooked) at diaphragm level. Inhale and twist left, Exhale and twist right.


  • Arm chops- come into Easy Pose. Interlace fingers at level of navel. Inhale up to 60 degrees, exhale down.


  • Slow neck rotations- big, slow, careful rotations. Both directions.

To close practice:

Sit quietly, cross hands over the heart. 

Mentally repeat 3 times: then Inhale deeply, press this energy of compassion into your heart. Exhale and relax.

May I be safe and protected from harm.

May I be healthy, happy and whole.

Love to all,


Mary Biggs

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