Some Love From Mary

Hello dear Yogis/Yoginis:

I hope you are all doing well and staying safe and strong.

I read a wonderful passage today to share with you:

“The best retreat is in here, not out there. We can find a retreat at any time by looking inward. We can sit with our eyes closed and feel our breath go in and out. We can turn on some music and tune out the world. We can turn off technology or shut off those rampant thoughts in our head. That will provide us peace. Nothing else.”

I am very much missing each of you – and our yoga sessions together!!

I thought it might be helpful for you to have a little daily practice for the week to supplement whatever else you are doing at home.

With love,


Daily Kundalini Yoga-  Week of March 22, 2020

Doing a little bit each day will keep you flexible, ensure the energy is moving and help keep you uplifted!

As always, do what feels right for you on any given day.

Sit quietly, light a candle, burn some incense, put on quiet music.

Come into your centre and just close your eyes, focus on your breath in and out.

Optional Tune in:  Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo (3 times tuning in to your inner wisdom)

Pranayam: (1-2 minutes each)

  • 4 part square breath– sit in easy pose, hands in guyan mudra, spine is straight.  Inhale for 4, Hold for 4, Exhale for 4, Hold Breath Out for 4
  • Breath of Fire– hands in prayer pose at heart. Steady breath of fire.

Kriya: ( 1-2 minutes per posture)

  • Sufi Rotations Seated (rotations of the lower spine)– (1 minute each direction)
  • Neck rolls- (1 minute each direction)
  • Spinal Flex- hands on shins- inhale spine forward, exhale spine back (much like a seated cat/cow)
  • Spinal Twist– hands on shoulders- Inhale twist Left, Exhale twist Right
  • Wide Leg Life Nerve Stretch– legs wide, Inhale and stretch up to sky, Exhale down to left leg, Inhale back to sky, Exhale to right leg.
  • Cat-cow– come into table top. Inhale and let belly drop and look up, Exhale arch into cat
  • Triangle Pose (also known as Downward Dog)– curl toes and push up. Pedal feet to stretch calves. Take a few deep breaths. Walk feet to hands and slowly come to standing
  • Standing Forward bends– Inhale up, Exhale down
  • Wide leg child’s pose, stretch arms out front to release spine

Savasana:  Lie on your back and relax a few minutes.

Close with 3 Sat Nams

person s hand forming heart

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