Rediscovery Weekend Workshop

Rediscovery SuryaDaya posterWe are so honored and excited to have YogiJD coming to Almonte to offer this program and weekend workshop. This program is designed to assist people living in recovery
from addictions to live a fulfilling, healthy spiritual life.

Rediscovery: Yoga for Addictions Weekend Workshop – Almonte

When we are trapped in addiction, we lose our true identity.

The ReDIScovery program incorporates the tools and teachings will include yogic spirituality (The Yoga Sutra’s, Bhagavad Gita) Buddhism ( The Four Noble truths, The Eightfold Path), Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous – to lead the participant to rediscover their True Self, and support overcoming unhealthy behaviors and patterns.

If you are new to recovery, or searching for a way to renew your commitment to sobriety, this program will give you tools to help free you from addiction to alcohol, drugs, food, sex – all forms of addiction.
This 12-week program will guide the participant on a journey of Rediscovery, on a path toward finding one’s True Self and a new way of living;

The Rediscovery program teaches tools to break free of addiction in all its forms – alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, sex. It is designed to be accessible by everyone, at every fitness level. By learning the techniques and teachings of yoga, Buddhism, Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, and the 12 steps.

All ages welcome. Experience in yoga and meditation is not required. This program is designed for people stuck in addiction; new to recovery or trapped in the cycle of relapse. Participants can expect to learn tools to help them find their True Self and a lifetime of joy and freedom from addictions.

Please contact YogiJD directly at  or 613-261-9642 to find out more information, or to register for this incredible weekend.

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Yours in service.

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