Almonte Yoga Festival

We are so excited for this amazing offering in our sweet community here in Almonte.

Our towns first ever Almonte Yoga Festival, bringing more insight, wisdom and experiences for you to dive deeper into yourself from amazing teachers in and around the Ottawa Valley, opening us to new insights and ways of approaching our practice.

WE hope this will be an annual event, celebrating health, wellness, yoga, eachother and the amazing gift of community.

We are proud sponsors of this event and when we asked Christine how we could support her she offered us a festival ticket to giveaway as a draw leading up to the event.

For everybody who has attended a class at our studio during the month of September you have been automatically entered into a draw for a free pass to the festival – Saturday, October 5th at the Old Town Hall.

We will continue to mark your attendance all the way up to Saturday, September 21st.

The winner will be announced this Sunday, September 22nd You will be contacted directly. Fingers crossed it’s YOU!!

Much love to each of you…….so many amazing ways to explore the gifts of yoga, we have so much gratitude to the organizers of this amazing event!


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